Doing the Most Good for the Most People

Effective altruism is a global movement which teaches people to use logic, evidence, and critical thinking so they can maximize their impact when helping others.

Effective Altruism Association (University of Houston) is a professional student organization. Our mission is to help students find a satisfying career which also benefits the world as much as possible.

We do this by showing you potentially high impact opportunities for helping others, helping you incorporate that into your career plan, and providing ongoing opportunities and guidance for you to achieve your career goals.

We invest heavily in each person’s professional development and provide personalized support and accountability.


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What kind of events and programs do we have?

  • Discussion groups which encourage critical thinking about global problems
  • Career and professional development workshops
  • Personalized peer career guidance
  • Social events and group volunteering opportunities

What do we offer in the spring 2020 semester?

Arete Fellowship

An intensive 10-week program comprised of discussion groups and career workshops, designed to help participants:

  • Use critical thinking to evaluate global problems
  • Hone ethical reasoning skills
  • Evaluate which global problems they could tackle using their professional careers
  • Create detailed career plans utilizing personalized peer to peer career coaching

We encourage those who are new to the effective altruism philosophy to apply to this program.

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Social Events and Community Volunteering

Everyone is encouraged to attend our regular social and volunteering events. Bring your friends!

Career Workshops

  • Small group career work-shopping
  • Career co-working sessions
  • Professional development workshops

We encourage those who are highly familiar with effective altruism and/or have completed our Arete Fellowship to attend these events. They will be held on a weekly basis.

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